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Work Health Assessment

Medical support & guidance to ensure an employer can offer any new employee the best possible start to their job


When you recruit someone new, how can you make sure they have what they need to stay fit and healthy in the role?

If ill health limits a person’s ability to work, or if work adversely impacts their health, the harm it causes can ripple out in many ways. For the individual, it can lead to upset and frustration. For the workplace, it can impact morale. And for the organisation, it can have financial and reputational costs.

But if, from day one, you seek to understand the person and how their health and their role might impact on each other, then you can put plans in place to help them stay well. A Work Health Assessment will help you do this. Here’s how it works…

Firstly, the new employee fills in an online form to help us understand both their health (e.g. if they have a pre-existing condition or disability) and how this might interact with their new job (e.g. if a particular work activity could make an existing condition worse or put them at risk of illness or injury). A clinician will then review the form and produce a certificate for the employer with any recommended adjustments that should be made for the employee.

If further information is required we will request a telephone consultation with the individual.


📍 Location: Online

Duration: Up to 20 minutes

👥 Suitable for: any employer who wants to offer new employees the best possible start


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