With the right support, you can reduce staff sickness and boost employee wellbeing

Occupational Health services to help you in managing sickness absence

If signs of stress go unnoticed, even a small problem can quickly escalate

  • Do sick days cost your organisation money?
  • Do you find it hard to know what’s a ‘reasonable adjustment’ to make for staff when they ask for support?
  • Could you benefit from an independent expert to help you make tough decisions?

Evidence shows that being in work is better for our health than being out of work. But if not enough care is given to your work’s culture, environment and policy, then the health of your staff can suffer. And the health of your organisation will suffer as well.

If you are responsible for staff, then the decisions you make can help boost their wellbeing at work, or damage it. Our occupational health experts can help you make the difference.

If you think you might benefit from our support, get in touch.

Managing Sickness Absence and Occupational Health

The right expertise can help you turn a workplace problem into an opportunity for your staff to thrive

During 2019/20 in the UK, 1.6 million workers suffered from work-related ill health.

The longer a person is off sick, the less likely they are to make a successful return to work. It pays to respond quickly.

A good strategy for sickness absence contributes to an organisation’s success.

Our Occupational Health experts can help your team thrive

We offer a number of different services, each of which is designed for specific challenges that you might face. They include workstation assessments for people experiencing pain at work, to work health assessments for prospective employees. Whatever the challenge you face, we will…

  1. Discuss with you which services best suits you and your staff needs
  2. Take time to listen to the people affected, and properly understand the challenges they face.
  3. Produce a report for you which is evidence-based and explains relevant legislation.
  4. Share our recommendations for workplace adjustments e.g. supporting people back into work, suggesting new workstation equipment.
  5. Support you and your team to implement it.

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