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Occupational Health Assessment

Medical support & guidance for employer and employee when sickness stops someone from doing their job


If a member of your team has an injury or illness which limits their ability to do their job, how will you and your organisation respond?

It might be long-term sickness, a recent injury, or a health concern that’s getting worse. Whatever it is, when ill health limits someone’s ability to work, the harm it causes can ripple out in ways you may or may not expect. For the employee and their family, it can cause upset and frustration. For the workplace, it can impact morale and other team members. And for the organisation, it can have financial and reputational costs.

But timely, expert support can reverse a bad situation. Or better still, it can stop any harm from occurring in the first place. In an assessment with an Occupational Health Doctor, we will spend time with the employee to properly understand the relationship between their health and their work. We will then write a report with practical steps and recommendations for both parties to improve or resolve the challenge.


✅ Whether the employee is fit to work and (if applicable) suggest a date for their return

✅ Reasonable adjustments an employer should make if the person is considered disabled

✅ How to support the person back to work

✅ Suggested changes to the employee’s work activities

✅ Ways the employee could optimise their health and performance at work


⏰ Duration: A 1-1.5 hour assessment

📍 Location: Online, or an in-person assessment is available in the UK only

👥 Suitable for: any employee struggling with physical or mental injury or illness impacting on their work

💬 We say: “Being in work is better for our health than being out of work. But if not enough care is given to supporting the wellbeing of your team, then the health of staff can suffer. And the overall health of your organisation will suffer as well.”

🤔 Did you know: The longer a person is off sick, the harder it is for them to make a successful return to work. It pays to respond quickly.


📖 Inside an Occupational Health assessment

📖 Managing sickness absence


“Although I agreed that I needed to see an Occupational Health Physician, I did go into my session with a bit of trepidation. My initial contact with Thrive reassured me. You were really professional but combined that with a real sense of humanity and I had an immediate sense that you understood my situation. You were able to offer very good advice and analysis with a real sense of empathy. The support you gave was very practical too.” — Mike, Diocese of Oxford

“Finding providers who understand the complex challenges of working in a pastoral role in a faith organisation is difficult. Because the role of the church leader is to serve and support others, it can be hard for them to prioritise self care. These are specifics which I think Thrive really understand.”Susie, HR, Diocese of Oxford

“Thank you for the Occupational Health services you all provide – I have to say it is the most professional and thorough I have come across in my HR career.”  Sue, HR Business Partner

“Thank you for the time, support, advice and speed of the turnaround for the two recent referrals from me. Both staff members benefited from their appointments and I am delighted that both are on their phased return to work with appropriate support. I want you to know what a difference these sessions have made for both individuals.” — Anonymous

“I felt nervous about this appointment, but you were professional and kept the matters discussed very clearly within the parameters of work.” – Anonymous

“The doctor was professional, empathetic, amenable and made me feel at ease. She listened carefully and seemed to really understand the levels of pain I had gone through, which was reassuring. She was attentive and friendly too. I could not have asked for more”. – Anonymous

“The doctor made me feel heard and understood. She was excellent at asking questions sensitively and giving time and space for us to discuss my situation fully. She made what could have been a stressful experience, very positive and helpful. She is great at her job. Thank you!” – Anonymous

“The doctor was was excellent. I had so much to explain and he listened to and understood what I was explaining to him. He made me feel very at ease to go into detail about various personal health issues. I felt a lot lighter after my appointment with him.” – Anonymous


Enhanced Assessment:This is ideal for those with significant health issues which threaten their ability to continue to fulfil their role. The assessment includes a review of a person’s current health and functional capacity. The structured report written by an Occupational Health specialist will include relevant details of the employee’s health issues, conclusions and specific recommendations to both employer and employee with reference where appropriate to relevant legislation e.g. Equality Act 2010.

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