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Psychosocial Assessment

Prepare a team member to care for their wellbeing as they embark on a challenging, new role.


If you’re recruiting someone for a job that will take them out of their comfort zone, how will you know they are ready for its ups and downs? 

Whether you’re sending an employee to a high-risk environment, recruiting someone who is going through a major career shift, or assigning a person to a high pressure role, it can be hard to predict how they will fare, and hard to know how best to support them.

This assessment is designed to turn uncertainty and doubt about how a person might cope, into insights about their resilience, clarity to see the next steps, and confidence around self-care.

This unhurried session with a psychosocial professional will help the person understand their strengths better and prepare for what’s to come. And it will give the employer the knowledge and confidence to support them.

In a structured interview we will help the person explore their psychosocial health, social support, and ability to create and maintain relationships. We will then produce a report to support and guide both the individual and the organisation. This is not a psychological test.


✅ the person’s psychological health

✅ what they should continue to do, start to do, and avoid

✅ their relationships and social network

✅ their capacity to deal with change and self-care practices

✅ what the employer should consider providing


⏰ Duration: A 90 minute online structured interview after which a report will be sent

👥 Suitable for: anyone about to take on a role in a high-risk environment, on a long-term contract or undergoing a major career shift

💬 We say: “Most participants find these sessions supportive, helpful and insightful. Time and again people tell us how much they appreciate seeing one of our team before they travel for work.”


📖 Preparing And Caring For Staff Who Travel

📖 Psychosocial Assessments For People Exploring Ministry


“You came well recommended and you did not disappoint. We are delighted with what you have done.”  – Anonymus

“We highly recommend Thrive Worldwide and their psychological health services, which we have used in support of selection of new staff and in maintaining support for serving mission staff. We have found Thrive clinicians to be experienced in field settings, and they conduct sessions with care and an unhurried approach. Their reports help us clarify support needs and assess the suitability of candidates for service with MAF. We appreciate their focus on ‘thriving’ and would say we see this intention is demonstrated in their approach in working with us in the UK as well as our staff serving abroad.”  — Mission Aviation Fellowship

“Invaluable insights that named what we were concerned about.” – Anonymous

“Clear reports that confirmed our difficult decisions”. – Anonymous

“It was life affirming and wonderful!” – Anonymous


Enhanced Psychosocial Assessment: This is the same service but also included is a 30-minute assessment of an individual’s understanding of safeguarding issues. It is particularly helpful for people going on an assignment where ability to function in accordance with safeguarding best practice is also a prime consideration.

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