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Advisory Support For HR & Leaders

A confidential space with a staff care specialist to share concerns, think through solutions, and seek advice


Navigating complex challenges is part of the job description for Leaders and HR Managers. When these challenges weigh on your mind or prove hard to resolve, then turning to an independent, experienced and trusted person can help lift that weight and plot a path forwards.

This service is an opportunity for you to speak to an experienced member of our psychosocial team who is well versed in staff care. It’s specifically designed for when you face issues around team dynamics, interpersonal conflict, or an individual’s wellbeing.

We won’t provide HR or employment law advice, but we will help you explore answers to questions around mental health, team dynamics and more. You’ll be encouraged to see fresh perspectives, gain new insights, consider different solutions, and plot next steps. 


📍 Venue: Online

⏰ Duration: 30 minutes

👥 Perfect for: Leaders and HR seeking advice on the best course of action on a staff care issue.

💬 We say: “It can be very helpful to confide in an experienced listening ear, both in the heat of a difficult time, as well as in the days and weeks following.”


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