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Vicarious Trauma Mitigation For Managers

Learn to respond well if anyone in your team is exposed to indirect trauma


If you immerse yourself in the suffering and trauma of others at work, it is common to suffer emotional consequences such as burnout, cynicism or depression.

This training aims to help managers and HR do the right thing in the event that a team or individual under their responsibility is exposed to vicarious or indirect trauma.

You’ll learn how Vicarious Trauma can impact people, and how to develop strategies to mitigate risks. You’ll also explore how to make your organisation more ‘vicarious trauma-informed’ by reviewing your leadership, mission, work environment, training and more. And you’ll start to develop a bespoke action plan for your team.


✅ Understand the basics of Vicarious Trauma

✅ Learn to audit your organisation’s understanding of it

✅ Learn to spot the warning signs and risks associated with it

✅ Develop strategies for mitigating these risks


👥 Perfect for: any manager and leader who has team members who can often be exposed to the suffering of others

🎓 Learning style: presentations & discussion

📍 Venue: online

💬 We say: “The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet.”

📖 Read more: An introduction to vicarious trauma


“It had a profound impact on me.” – NGO Field Coordinator

“I want to thank the facilitators for their commitment, energy and dedication. I believe they are an asset for our country.” – Anonymous

“The great presentation style with opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-life examples made it really enjoyable.”  – Anonymous

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