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Supporting Staff Through Grief & Bereavement

Learn to give effective support to a bereaved team member. And equip others to do the same.


Grief is difficult. And it is unavoidable. But a workplace can either be somewhere that supports people through a difficult time, or it can make a tough situation even harder.

In this training you will develop the tools and skills to give practical, effective support to a bereaved member of your team, and to equip others in your team to do the same, creating a more compassionate work culture in the process.


✅ Learn what to say and what not to say

 Explore what support an organisation should offer

 Identify ways to support staff when they return to work after a loss

Find ways to generate more compassion in the workplace

 Reflect and improve upon your organisation’s bereavement policy


⏰ Duration: 3 hours

🎓 Learning style: whole group discussions, skills practise, and personal reflection

👥 Perfect for: HR, managers and leaders in any organisation

💬 We say:‘A calm and empathetic presence will make a significant difference in how your team and organisation navigate the painful experience of the death of a team member’.


📖 Our free resource on bereavement and grief


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