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Supporting Staff Through Grief & Bereavement

Learn how to support a colleague or member of staff who is bereaved.


This session focuses on understanding how grief is experienced and expressed in order to be able to support a colleague or member of staff who is bereaved.

It covers some theoretical models of grief; the purpose of grief; the cultural importance of morning rituals and how ‘normal’ grief may develop into complicated grief.

The session will focus on how to identify the signs of grief; approaching a person who is bereaved; listening to and supporting a person who is bereaved and understanding when to refer someone onto other support services.

The session will make time for whole group discussions, skills practise, and personal reflection. The session will cover: 

1. Normal grief

  • Theories of grief; its purpose and meaning.
  • What is normal grief? What we feel and express.
  • What are some of the common myths or misunderstandings about grief?
  • Phases of grief
  • Types of loss

2. Grief & Culture

  • Understanding how mourning looks and is expressed in different cultures.
  • The symbols, traditions and ceremonies around grief and its expression.

3. Supporting bereaved people

  • What do bereaved people need
  • Active listening skills/Empathy
  • Grief and the workplace -how to support a bereaved colleague.

4. Complicated grief

  • Loss and grief during COVID
  • Ambiguous loss
  • Traumatic Loss 
  • Delayed loss or disenfranchised loss

5. When to Refer

6. Self-Care


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