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Family Liaison For Senior Management & Leaders

Understand a leader’s role when a crisis impacts members of a team


Nobody wants to see a crisis affect their team. But crises do happen. And if they leave a team member unable to speak for themselves, are you prepared to handle what comes next?

It’s important to assign somebody else in an organisation the role of Family Liaison Officer. Nevertheless, the presence of a leader with the skills and understanding to navigate the communication and support process is crucial to the wellbeing of those directly affected, as well as to the rest of the team.

This training will equip managers and leaders with the skills to share bad news with the families and loved ones. It will guide them on the steps they need to take throughout the crisis. And it will help them safeguard the organisation’s reputation when working with family members.


✅ Understand the importance of leadership in delivering bad news and practise doing it

Learn how to select the right team member for the Family Liaison role

Create organisational boundaries for engaging and disengaging with family members

Create an action plan for embedding the Family Liaison role in your policies and procedures


📍 Venue: Online, or in person in London or Nairobi

⏰ Duration: 3 hours

🎓 Learning Style: Presentations, discussion, roleplay

👥 Perfect for: Leaders who want an empathetic, supportive and well-rounded approach to managing their teams.

💬 We say:  “Leaders may or may not be involved in the details of a crisis response, but it’s crucial that they’re standing upfront and providing key messages at key times”.


📖 My Personal Experience of Family Liaison

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