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Family Liaison For Senior Management & Leaders

Learn to break bad news to family members and provide appropriate support


When a crisis involves a member of your team, as a leader it may be your responsibility to share bad news with the family.

In this training you will learn how to do that. But you’ll also learn about the next steps: although a designated Family Liaison Officer will often continue that relationship with the family, it is important that leadership understands the purpose and boundaries of the Family Liaison role.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what Family Liaison is and how it fits within a Crisis Management Team
  • Learn how to select the right team member for the Family Liaison role
  • Recognise the importance of leadership in delivering bad news
  • Practice delivering bad news to family members
  • Think critically about safeguarding your organisation’s reputation when working with family members
  • Create organisational boundaries for engaging and disengaging with family members
  • Identify self-care strategies
  • Create an action plan for embedding the Family Liaison role in your policies and procedures

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