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Creating Psychological Safety

Learn ways to nurture trust and innovation in your team


When members of a team feel able to speak up, to raise a concern, or to disagree with others, they work harder, perform better and are more creative.

This is the essence of Psychological Safety. Psychological Safety is also essential for ensuring that staff feel safe to open up and ask for support from their leadership when they need it.

In this training you’ll explore how trust is formed, and how it can improve staff performance, lower staff turnover, and help you achieve your organisational goals together.


✅ Understand what Psychological Safety is

✅ Examine case studies on how it it increases employee productivity & joy at work

✅ Identify what it looks like in a good manager-employee relationship

✅ Practice holding a vulnerable conversation with a team member

✅ Promote self-care for yourself as a manager


📖 9 ways to create psychological safety in an organisation

People and organisations have more impact when they thrive.

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