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Managing Sexual Assault

Learn to respond in the right way


Sexual assault of humanitarian aid workers is increasingly recognised as a significant risk to the life and wellbeing of aid workers around the world.

This is especially the case for those working in remote environments or places with safety and security issues where the context itself may prevent adequate reporting and responding.

Managing sexual assault is hard under any circumstances, but within the humanitarian aid context, it can be even more challenging. Therefore organisations need to reflect and to prepare their response to sexual assault, from a medical perceptive as well as from a psychological, security and legal perspective.

This 1-day course (2 half days on zoom) aims to help your organisation respond appropriately in the event of sexual assault. It focuses on the needs of the individual and how you can best support them in the aftermath of an incident. We will cover how to use the Personal Assault Kit (sold separately on our Medkits site), which contains medication and equipment to help prevent infections and pregnancy and will give you guidance on how and when to access advice from clinicians. This course will be uniquely delivered by a highly experienced Thrive Psychotherapist and Medical Doctor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define sexual assault
  • Understand the complexity of the context of sexual assault
  • Describe the medical issues around sexual assault
  • Understand the use of the sexual assault kit
  • Think through the potential safety/security and legal implications of an assault within the context in which your teams operate
  • Recognise the range of psychological responses to a sexual assault
  • Think creatively about cross-cultural implications when responding to sexual assault
  • Prepare a contingency plan in your response to sexual assault

Suitable for: HR personnel, field and security managers, First Aiders and Psychological First Aiders

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