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Managing Sexual Assault

Equipping humanitarian organisations to respond well to acts of sexual violence against one of their team.


Responding to a case of sexual assault against one of your team is never easy. And if it takes place in a remote environment with limited access to health care, there are extra medical, psychological, security and legal factors to consider too.

If your organisation’s actions take proper account of all of these factors, then you can help reduce trauma’s impact on the survivor, ease the journey of recovery, and build greater trust in your organisation. 

This course, led by a highly experienced Psychotherapist and Medical Doctor, will help equip key members of your team to do this.


✅ Understand common medical and psychological issues after an assault

Consider the security and legal implications

✅ Become familiar with the medication a survivor may need

✅ Think about cross-cultural considerations

✅ Start to develop a plan for how your organisation should respond


📍 Venue: Online or in person

⏰ Duration: 1 day in person, 2 half days on zoom

🎓 Learning Style: Presentations and discussion

👥 Perfect for: HR personnel, First Aiders, Psychological First Aiders, Field & Security Managers 


📖 How to prevent, prepare and respond to incidents of sexual violence against staff

Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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