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Survivor Liaison Officer

Learn this crucial role in the event of sexual violence against a team member


After an incident occurs, a Survivor Liaison Officer (or SLO) provides a safe, knowledgeable point of contact between survivors of sexual violence, impacted family members, and the organisation.

In order to provide this support, a potential SLO requires a body of knowledge including psychosocial survivor support, family liaison interactions, trauma symptomatology, and pastoral considerations. This training course covers these elements.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Respond to sexual disclosures with knowledge of trauma and basic counselling techniques.
  • Integrate pastoral support with these techniques.
  • Identify potential symptoms and experiences specific to survivors of sexual violence.
  • Understand the framework of engaging and disengaging with families of survivors.
  • Practice support conversations with survivors.
  • Learn how to deliver bad news.
  • Role play interactions with family members.
  • Use the principles of Psychological First Aid in providing immediate aftercare.
  • Practice providing practical assistance during an initial disclosure of sexual violence.
  • Understand the basics of the psychology of perpetrators.
  • Manage safety of survivor when violence occurs within the organisation.

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