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Trauma Focused Therapy

Specialist therapeutic support to help a person recover when traumatic memories continue to cause distress


Most of the time, people pass through a traumatic event without developing long-term symptoms or needing professional support. But sometimes, trauma gets lodged in the body’s memory and specialist support is needed to move on.

If a person avoids situations that remind them of their trauma, if images of the event come back to them involuntarily, if they are easily startled, if their mood is low, or if they feel helpless. If any of these problems occur or persist one month or longer after a traumatic event, then we suggest it’s time to seek help.


1️⃣ In the first session, the person will meet with a clinician to share some of their story and to discuss different options for their treatment

2️⃣ Depending on the type of therapy, expect between 8-20 sessions

3️⃣ Evidence-based options include EMDR, Trauma-Focused CBT, Narrative Exposure Therapy

4️⃣ Though each approach is different, the end goal is the same: to manage unpleasant symptoms, to process difficult memories and to embark on a journey of recovery


📍 Location: Online

⏰ Duration: Each session lasts 90 minutes – up to 8 sessions may be required

👥 Perfect for: Anyone struggling with post-traumatic symptoms one month or longer after a direct or indirect traumatic experience

💬 We say: “For anyone whose traumatic experience is very recent, we suggest they instead access Psychological First Aid.”


📖 Things to consider when choosing a Counsellor

📖 How to look after yourself following a trauma

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