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Sexual Violence Management

Learn how your organisation can address sexual violence incidents


In this training you will take a comprehensive look at how your organisation can address sexual violence incidents against staff both in and outside of the workplace.

The goal of this training is to equip managers, safeguarding officers, and HR with the tools needed to effectively prevent and respond to sexual violence incidents. The training will include psychological, medical, and organisational health elements in order to understand how to best care for the survivor while maintaining your organisation’s policies and procedures.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the most recent evidence based practices for preventing sexual violence in the workplace
  • Identify roles and responsibilities in managing a sexual violence incident
  • Understand what is needed to provide holistic medical and psychological care
  • Discuss issues specific to sexual violence when internally managing a crisis
  • Build awareness around factors within an organisational culture that can promote safety for staff and local communities
  • Recognise immediate, intermediate, and long-term procedures which will protect and aid a sexual violence survivor

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