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Survivor Liaison Officer Refresher

Refresh and deepen the skills needed to support survivors of sexual violence in your organisation


Sexual violence at work can have severe and lasting impacts on survivors, taking a toll on their physical and mental health. It can also lead to a hostile work environment, hinder productivity and create a culture of fear and distrust.

Having a trusted individual to provide a safe and knowledgeable point of contact between survivors, impacted family members and the organisation can help rebuild trust and begin the journey of healing.

This training course is for people who have completed our Survivor Liaison Officer course a year ago or more. As well as refreshing existing skills, we will go into each of the key elements of the role in greater depth.


✅ Respond to sexual disclosures with empathy and basic psychosocial support

✅ Identify and address specific symptoms of sexual violence survivors

✅ Know how to engage and disengage with survivor families

✅ Learn to implement Psychological First Aid principles for immediate aftercare 


📍Venue: Online (or in-person in London and Nairobi)

Duration: 3 half days online or 2 full days in-person 

🎓 Learning Style: Presentations, discussion, roleplay

👥 Perfect for: Anyone who has completed our Survivor Liaison Officer training a year ago or more 

💬 We say: “A good Survivor Liaison Officer can significantly improve the life of a survivor, and make their path to recovery easier.”


📖 Managing sexual violence against aid workers

📖 Things to know about creating a trauma informed workplace

Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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