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Survivor Liaison Officer Refresher

Refresh and develop the skills needed in this crucial role


After an incident occurs, a Survivor Liaison Officer (or SLO) provides a safe, knowledgeable point of contact between survivors of sexual violence, impacted family members, and the organisation.

In order to provide this support, a potential SLO requires a body of knowledge including psychosocial survivor support, family liaison interactions, trauma symptomatology, and pastoral considerations. This training course goes into these elements in greater depth than the introductory course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Respond to sexual disclosures with knowledge of trauma and basic counselling techniques
  • Integrate pastoral support with these techniques
  • Identify potential symptoms and experiences specific to survivors of sexual violence
  • Understand the framework of engaging and disengaging with families of survivors
  • Practice support conversations with survivors
  • Learn how to deliver bad news
  • Role play interactions with family members
  • Use the principles of Psychological First Aid in providing immediate aftercare
  • Practice providing practical assistance during an Initial disclosure of sexual violence
  • Understand the basics of the psychology of perpetrators
  • Manage safety of survivor when violence occurs within the organisation

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