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Return-To-Work Medical Review

An expert medical assessment of an individual’s fitness to return to work following a significant injury or illness


When someone is recovering from a serious injury or illness, or finding it hard to manage a chronic illness, how can the employer and employee know when it’s the right time to return to work?

Whether you want a second opinion, whether you need to satisfy the requirements of an insurance company, or whether both parties need help discerning the right course of action, in this service we will provide an expert, objective medical opinion to help answer the question: is this person ready to go back to work? 

Note: For detailed recommendations or suggestions on what action the employer or employee might take in order to ease the return to work, we suggest an Occupational Health Assessment.


1️⃣ We gather information about the individual via an online form

2️⃣ If necessary we then ask to undertake an online consultation with the individual

3️⃣ Based on this, we decide whether they are fit to return to work or not

4️⃣ If yes, we will send a clearance certificate to the employer and employee

5️⃣ If no, then we will give advice and recommendations on what is needed for a clearance or explain any reasons for not clearing


👥 Perfect for: any employee for whom their readiness to return to work is unclear 

💬 We say: “This is a valuable service to help an organisation and individual have an independant and expert opinion on someone’s fitness to return to work and the working environment”


“Thank you for making our medical such a positive experience.”  — Anonymous

It was really good to meet you. Thank you for your care and interest in us and for your help and advice with our health. Your advice has given us a clear path to follow. We know that we can come back to you in the future with any questions and that truly is a great help and encouragement” — Anonymous

“You have a very reassuring manner, great for a doctor! I greatly appreciate the ideas that you planted. All in all, it was a very high-value consultation – thank you!”Anonymous

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