A session with a Thrive counsellor or therapist for people experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, burnout.


A session with a Thrive counsellor or psychotherapist for individuals experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, burnout, OCD, phobias, interpersonal relationship difficulties, grief, adjustment etc.

The first session will assess the need for counselling and potential benefits. Further counselling sessions may be offered up to a maximum of six sessions. If a client reaches six sessions they will be reassessed for the need for further support. These sessions will be provided by a suitably qualified psychological therapist, usually online. This service is not suitable for those presenting in crisis, with severe mental health issues such as incapacitating (severe) depression or anxiety, psychosis (schizophrenia) or bipolar disorders. In such cases, Thrive staff may be able to make suggestions for symptom management and handling repatriation or leave of absence.


90 Minutes Version: This overall personality assessment is validated across over 40 languages and comprises three Scales: a measure of how people behave in day to day life when at their best, a description of qualities that emerge when people are under increased stress and a measure of core values, goals and interests that determine career satisfaction. Following a feedback session with one of Thrive’s accredited Hogan assessors a detailed report with commentary is provided to the candidate and organisation. This approach strengthens staff selection and leadership development, helps to recognise and mitigate performance risks and give a detailed picture of goodness of fit to an agency or organisation.

30 Minute Version: This assessment helps organisations make better hiring decisions for safety sensitive jobs (e.g. deployment to complex or insecure environments) Using an online assessment offered in over 40 languages candidates are examined against 6 standard safety competencies such as Compliance, Vigilance and Trainable.Candidates are given feedback in a 30 minute interview and a summary report made available to the candidate and the organisation as part of the overall selection process.


“When I have a staff member I am worried about, I don’t even have to think twice – I refer them to Thrive Worldwide with confidence that they will get the highest standard of care possible.” HR Manager, Humanitarian INGO

“I came to know Thrive through the INGO that I work with. They were offering a counseling service to employees that work abroad and may have had trauma through the work that they have been involved with. I had never tried counselling before and I was very interested, but hadn’t had the financial means to do it, my agency’s involvement gave me the opportunity to try it and it was eye opening. I looked through all of the bios of the different counsellors and tried to find someone that would understand the context that I live and work in based on their own life experience, it would have been tiring to have to explain all of the nuances of my living situation. Luckily, Thrive has a diverse range of counsellors and I was able to find a good fit for my individual needs. My experience with Thrive allowed me to realise that you do not need to wait for something to be broken to seek support or counselling, additionally I realised that counselling is for everyone. The sessions allowed me to understand more about myself, how I process things and how to recognise the things that trigger certain types of reaction. Finally, it also allowed me to create time for myself which was something that I had not previously prioritised and it feels very freeing.” Anonymous

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