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Psychiatric Consultation

An evaluation by a Psychiatrist of a person’s mental health and related medication


This consultation is intended either for individuals whose current psychiatric medication may need reviewing, or individuals who may have an undiagnosed mental illness.

In the consultation, a Psychiatrist will ask questions about an individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They will also ask about medical history, family history, and social circumstances. The goal is to identify any mental health difficulties a person is experiencing and to determine the most appropriate treatment and support. They will then provide advice and a psychiatric report upon request.


Duration: 45 minutes for a basic consultation, or 90 minutes for a more in depth consultation

📍 Location: online

👥 Perfect for: someone whose psychiatric medication needs reviewing or someone who might have an undiagnosed mental health disorder

💬 We say: “Psychiatric consultations and medication reviews may be an important element of an organisation’s duty to prepare staff to travel and ensure adequate services are available while on assignment.”

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