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Hogan Personality Assessment

Valuable personality insights as you recruit and develop members of your team


Staff selection and leadership development are crucial aspects of running and growing a healthy organisation. But these processes can often leave you with uncertainty about whether you are making the right choices.

The Hogan Personality Assessment is a widely respected tool to inform your decision-making process. It measures how people behave in daily life when at their best. It describes the qualities that emerge when people are under increased stress. And it measures core values, goals and interests that determine a person’s career satisfaction. 

As you navigate the processes of recruitment and staff development, it can help you decide if an individual is able to work in the role; understand the personality traits and values of team members; identify high-potential leaders; and recognise and mitigate performance risks.


✅ A person answers a series of questions in an online assessment

✅ We receive and analyse the results

✅ The individual then meets with one of our accredited Hogan assessors to present and discuss the findings

✅ We produce a detailed report with insights into their personality and ability to take on a role


📍 Venue: Online

⏰ Duration: We offer shorter discussions (30 minutes) or detailed (90 minutes)

👥 Perfect for: any organisation looking to improve its staff recruitment and development

We say: “This assessment adds value to any individual or team. An organisation obtains extra insights about their staff and the results can also be an opportunity to identify areas of coaching within your team.”


📖 How we used this method to help an NGO recruit staff to work in areas of conflict


90 Minute Version

This overall personality assessment is validated across over 40 languages and comprises three Scales:

  • A measure of how people behave in day to day life when at their best
  • A description of qualities that emerge when people are under increased stress
  • A measure of core values, goals and interests that determine career satisfaction.

Following a feedback session with one of Thrive’s accredited Hogan assessors a detailed report with commentary is provided to the candidate and organisation. This approach strengthens staff selection and leadership development, helps to recognise and mitigate performance risks and give a detailed picture of goodness of fit to an agency or organisation.

30 Minute Version

This assessment helps organisations make better hiring decisions for safety sensitive jobs (e.g. deployment to complex or insecure environments).

Using an online assessment offered in over 40 languages, candidates are examined against 6 standard safety competencies such as Compliance, Vigilance and Trainable. Candidates are given feedback in a 30 minute interview and a summary report made available to the candidate and the organisation as part of the overall selection process.


“Preparing us, as staff, to work in high risk environments, is something that Medair takes seriously. Our partnership with Thrive Worldwide has made us so much better. Thank you for all you do for me and my colleagues!” – Client Feedback

“Not only did the Hogan Assessment benefit our recruitment process, but every individual on our team who went through the process got a chance to look at their own potential behaviour in stressful situations”. – Daniela, Staff Wellbeing Adviser, Medair

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