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Equipping Managers With People Skills

Learn to nurture relationships in your team by better understanding yourself and others.


People are at the heart of every organisation. But when managers don’t invest in the soft skills of communication and relationship building, a workforce can become unhappy, motivated by the paycheck only.

The managers who best support their team to thrive, are managers who put in the work to look after their own wellbeing first.

In this session, you will embark on a journey to grow the skill-set and mind-set needed to support both you and your team.

You’ll explore how to connect with and cultivate your own emotions, so that others feel safe when you are around. You will become aware of what triggers you to react in certain ways and learn how to respond well, in order to build stronger relationships with your team.


✅ Learn to express your own emotions and communicate well with others

✅ Understand psychological safety and find ways to develop it within your team

✅ Develop your ability to have difficult conversations

✅ Learn how vision, values and clear goals can help people thrive at work

✅ Create a plan to thrive as a manager and support your team


⏰ Duration: 2 days

📍 Location: In person

🎓 Learning style: presentations, discussion, roleplay

👥 Suitable for: a small group of managers who are keen to explore themselves and grow their impact

💬 We say: “Your organisation is only as healthy as the people in it”

🤔 Did you know: A global study found that 50% of people have at some point left a job to get away from a manager.


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📖 9 Ways To Create Psychological Safety In Your Organisation


Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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