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Courageous Conversations

Equip managers and leaders to talk about difficult situations with skill and grace


If a manager or leader avoids difficult conversations with their team, they risk creating performance issues, unresolved conflicts, and poorer team dynamics.

But if they can tackle challenges head-on, the results can boost confidence in their leadership, foster better team dynamics, and empower the team to have productive, respectful, and impactful conversations. This training covers the essential skills needed to get there.


✅ Learn techniques like active listening and emotion management

✅ Gain tools to address performance, give feedback, and handle conflict assertively

✅ Learn to set expectations, provide direction, and hold team members accountable

✅ Foster open communication to improve collaboration, trust, and team performance


📍 Location: online or in-person

⏰ Duration: 1-2 hours

🎓 Learning Style: presentations, discussion, activities

👥 Suitable for: any manager or leader

💬 We say: “When members of a team feel able to speak up, to raise a concern, or to disagree with others, they work harder, perform better and are more creative.”


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