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Dealing With Conflict & Building A Healthy Team

Learn to respond to conflict in a way that builds rather than erodes a team’s spirit


It can start with something as small as leaving a microwave door open. Or as big as making a ten year strategic plan. Whatever the cause, if it stays unresolved, conflict will drain team morale, wellbeing and productivity.

However, if it is approached with skill, sensitivity and care, conflict can be resolved in a way that makes a team stronger and more able to face any future challenge.

In the company of an expert facilitator, in this training you’ll develop the skills needed to deal with conflict in the best way. You’ll learn that a healthy team is not a team that doesn’t have conflict. Rather, it is one that can address conflict when it comes, and find creative, constructive ways to move forward together. You’ll also become more confident in your authentic self and you’ll find it easier to demonstrate genuine curiosity as you interact with team members.


✅ Recognise how past life experiences impact current working relationships

✅ Understand the principles of building a healthy team

✅ Discover how conflict often arises and how it can be resolved

✅ Develop listening skills to support team relations

✅ Gain confidence in having difficult conversations


⏰ Duration: 1 day in-person or online

🎓 Learning style: presentations, discussion, roleplay

👥 Suitable for: any team that wants to build resilience

💬 We say: “Developing a culture of honour where every person feels valued and celebrated – notwithstanding their different views – is critical to thriving as a team.”

🤔 Did you know… one study found that 95% of people who attend a conflict training course say it helps them find positive conflict resolutions.


📖 The two foundations of staff wellbeing

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