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Working Through Rumination

Find ways to escape a negative thought cycle and think more clearly.


Have you ever found yourself thinking over and over about a problem without making any progress towards solving it? Or perhaps you’ve continued to dwell on it, even after the problem has been resolved?

This is called rumination. Some rumination is important: it helps our self awareness and decision making. But when rumination leads a person to get stuck in a negative thought cycle about themselves, it can lead to hopelessness, anxiety and depression. 

In this session one of our psychosocial practitioners will help a person or group get out of that negative thought cycle. Through mindfulness practices and conversation, they will learn to think more clearly, improve their wellbeing, and develop the skills to navigate future challenges. 


✅ Understand its causes, effects, and how to identify it

Develop practical strategies to effectively manage rumination

Build resilience, self-care and stress management techniques

Learn effective communication skills to provide support and seek help


📍 Venue: In-person or online

⏰ Duration: 1-2 hours

🎓 Learning style: presentation, discussion

👥 Suitable for: Any group or individual looking to move past a negative thought process

📈Did you know… excessive rumination can raise your blood pressure.


📖  Our Resource on Rumination

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