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Wellbeing Champion

Improve wellbeing in your organisation by identifying and training the right members of your team


In this course we train and equip individuals in an organisation to take on an active role to promote wellbeing in their workplace.

This will involve learning to recognise signs and symptoms of stress, to provide initial peer support to staff and to identify and refer staff who need professional support. We will deliver this learning by integrating the highest standard of adult-learning practice with expert technical knowledge. You can expect active learning through the use of role play, group discussion, and practical activities while also gaining new understanding into research-based, up to date information. We will customise and tailor each learning programme to the needs of the organisation, understanding that your team will bring a rich variety of cognitive and experiential experience. We will deliver this training across three half days, due to it being an online training. We find this best practice for learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the nature of stress and personal resilience / thriving
  • Identify how to recognise stress and burnout symptoms within yourself and your colleagues
  • Develop strategies to effectively manage and reduce stress within yourself and/or your colleagues
  • Gain practical and emotional assistance that complements and bolsters the coping skills of colleagues Identify how to prevent an unhealthy and stressful workplace
  • Explore and create strategies to boost the wellbeing of your team
  • Recognise when to refer team members for further support
  • Promote self-care for yourself as a wellbeing champion

Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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