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Unconscious Bias

Uncover unknown feelings of unfairness and favouritism to foster an inclusive and equal workplace.


Our thoughts and feelings are part of what makes us human. However they have the ability to influence how we treat those around us – unintentionally discriminating against some and favouring others. 

Identifying and tackling unconscious bias in the workplace helps put a stop to treating colleagues differently, and instead, creates a culture of belonging which then improves decision-making, encourages innovation, attracts more talent and boosts productivity. 

In this introductory training, we will help participants better understand what unconscious bias is and why it happens in the workplace.


✅ Define unconscious bias and how it occurs in the workplace

✅ Reflect on personal unconscious bias and its origins

✅ Determine strategies for increasing awareness and reducing bias

✅ Relate current case studies involving bias to our everyday experiences


📍Venue: Online or in person

Duration: 90 minutes online, 2 hours in person

🎓 Learning Style: Presentation, group activity and role play.

👥 Perfect for: Individuals and groups looking to foster an inclusive and fair work environment by learning about and reducing hidden biases they may not realise they have.

💬 We say: “You’ll identify both personal and organisational biases, and learn new strategies to deal with them in a compassionate way.”


📖 Why staff need to feel a sense of belonging at work


Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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