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Mental Health Awareness For All

Equip your staff with basic skills to care for their own mental health, and to support each other


How would you describe the mental wellbeing in your team? Might stress, anxiety or depression be impacting productivity and morale? Is there more you could be doing?

This short group training, delivered by one of our psychosocial practitioners, is designed to help your staff grow in their understanding of mental health, to find new ways to look after themselves and each other, and to promote empathy and understanding in the workplace. By prioritising their mental health in this way, you can start to foster a more supportive workplace culture in which resilience, engagement and success will grow.


✅ Learn to spot common mental health issues and their triggers

✅ Identify unhelpful reactions to symptoms – why they occur and how to avoid them

✅ Discover ways to express compassion and support to others

✅ Find ways to promote mental health in yourself and your coworkers


📍 Location: online or in-person

⏰ Duration: 1-2 hours

🎓 Learning Style: presentations, discussion, activities

👥 Suitable for: anyone in a team or organisation

💬 We say: “Investing in your team’s wellbeing is an investment in your organisation’s overall wellbeing.”


📖 Resources on depression, anxiety, trauma and more


“It was great, and we covered everything even though the time was limited, thank you!” – Anonymous

“Both facilitators were informative and supportive – there was definitely room for listening and sharing”. – Anonymous

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