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Resilience Check-In For Leaders

A safe space with an experienced Coach for a leader to reflect on their challenges and focus on how to move forward.


In leadership, setbacks are inevitable. It could be the departure of a key team member, a budget cut, or a growing feeling of imposter syndrome. Whatever it is, it may cause you to ask: how do I bounce back?

Resilience is crucial for any leader if they want to navigate a complex and demanding set of circumstances. But resilience isn’t something that simply happens; it has to be cultivated. 

In a Resilience Check-In For Leaders an individual will be encouraged to reflect on their current situation; to evaluate their ability to recover and adapt; to identify areas where they may require support and training; and to make plans for the future.


✅ Grow in self awareness

Improve your ability to manage stress

Increase leadership effectiveness in challenging situations

Cultivate a resilient organisational culture


📍 Venue: Online

⏰ Duration: 1 hour

👥 Suitable for: Any leader keen to grow their capacity to recover after difficulties 

💬 We say: “I’m always amazed at how people step back afterwards and say, ‘That was really helpful’.” – Ann Muraya, Thrive Coach


📖 Ways to create a more resilient workforce in times of change

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