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Psychosocial Debrief

A safe space with a trained therapist for a group or individual to reflect on and process thoughts and feelings following a work trip.


When returning home from a deployment, it can be hard to adjust to normal life.

If the work was especially demanding, or in a high risk location, or in an unfamiliar culture, it can leave someone with a lot to process. But even for more routine trips, there is often a lot to reflect upon.

If left to linger, these thoughts, feelings and memories may cause problems. Poor focus. Low energy. A lack of confidence. Even conflict at work. But if discussed in a healthy way, they are an opportunity to find new meaning and motivation in life and work.

A Psychosocial Debrief is a chance to discuss these things in confidence, with a professional and supportive facilitator, in order to learn, grow and smooth the transition back to their regular role(s).


✅ Reflect on what went well and what went less well

Develop coping strategies for dealing with the transition

Develop tools for considering next steps

Process challenging experiences and emotions


📍 Venue: Online or face-to-face in London or Nairobi

⏰ Duration: 60 minutes

👥 Perfect for…  an individual or group back from a difficult work trip, or from a high risk location, or from a stay of one year or more


📖 How to talk about wellbeing at work



“Thank you for listening and going through all of this with me – it was incredibly helpful (even more than I had expected to be honest!) and I felt very grounded afterwards.” – Anonymous

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