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Managing Your Perfectionism

Learn to overcome perfectionist tendencies to preserve your wellbeing and relationships


Do you often feel the need to do everything perfectly? What happens when a colleague doesn’t meet your high standards? Or when you don’t achieve your goals for the quarter?

Perfectionism is the strongly held desire to do things to an impossibly high level. When these standards aren’t met, it can lead to harsh feelings of self-criticism, inadequacy and anxiety. This in turn can affect a person’s job performance and personal life. 

Perfectionism is more common than many people realise. Through presentations and discussions with one of our psychosocial experts, this session will help attendees find ways to manage it and grow in the process.


✅Understand perfectionism and its causes

Recognise how it impacts wellbeing, relationships and productivity

✅Learn strategies to manage it in yourself and in others


📍 Venue: In person or online

⏰ Duration: 1-2 hours

👥 Suitable for: any individual or team for whom perfectionism is impacting performance and wellbeing

📈Did you know… One study found that 86% of people believe their work is impacted by perfectionistic expectations


📖  Our Resource on Perfectionism

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