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Managing Your Boundaries In The Midst Of Growth

Learn effective and healthy leadership habits as your organisation grows.


Leading an organisation as it grows can be exhilarating and rewarding. But growth can also bring with it increased workload, new challenges, and uncertainty. Without setting good boundaries, the risk of stress and burnout will arise, both for the leader and for those around them.

This is why it’s important to set and stick to boundaries. For work hours. For responsibilities. And for availability. This allows a leader to rest, maintain clarity, and to enjoy a personal life. This in turn helps them be effective and resilient, while setting an example to others in the organisation too.

In this session with a Leadership Coach, a leader can enjoy a supportive presence as they consider what boundaries are important to them, how to implement and maintain them, and the impact of doing so.


✅ Discuss and define your boundaries

Understand how boundaries can impact your organisation’s culture

Learn how to communicate your boundaries to others

Develop strategies for sticking to them as you grow


📍 Venue: Online

⏰ Duration: 60 minutes per session

👥 Perfect for: any leader who wants to stay resilient and maintain their wellbeing as their organisation grows

💬 We say:  “Boundaries define who you are, and they keep you safe and secure, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”


📖 The joy of rest

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