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Managing Anxiety and Stress

Equipping managers to support their team and develop their resilience


Are you confident at spotting signs of anxiety and stress in your team? Do you know how best to respond to people who are struggling?

Soft skills like these can be hard to develop. But by investing in them, a manager or leader can help guide their team towards a healthier, more productive, and supportive work environment. This workshop will help managers and leaders hone their relational skills, develop the confidence to support all members of their team, and build team resilience in the process.


✅ Recognise signs of anxiety & stress 

✅ Create strategies to improve wellbeing in your team

✅ Identify when team members need a referral for further support  

✅ Promote self-care for yourself as a leader


📍 Location: online

⏰ Duration: 1-2 hours

👥 Suitable for: any managers or leaders who want to better support their team

🎓 Learning style: presentations, discussion, roleplay

💬 We say: “Remember, you set the tone for your team when it comes to talking about wellbeing. Giving team members your time and undivided attention sends the signal that they’re appreciated and valued.”


📖 How to talk about wellbeing at work

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