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Developing A Growth Mindset

A short training for leaders to explore what continuous learning and improvement might look like for themselves and their team


Every day leaders have to navigate complex and diverse perspectives, make tough decisions that impact others, and adapt to changing circumstances.

None of these are easy, but for leaders with a ‘growth mindset’, any challenge can become an opportunity for learning and improvement, both for themselves and their teams. This in turn creates space for innovation and adaptability in the face of obstacles. In this session we will introduce the idea of a ‘growth mindset’ and provide strategies to help leaders prioritise it, and to take steps towards a culture of learning, adaptability and innovation.


✅ Learn to view challenges as opportunities for you and your team

✅ Develop strategies to prioritise your own learning

✅ Improve decision-making

✅ Learn ways to create and sustain a culture of innovation and adaptability


📍 Venue: online

⏰ Duration: one hour

👥 Perfect for: Open minded leaders keen to embrace challenges and see opportunities for learning and improvement.


📖 How to help a workforce become more resilient to change


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