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Psychosocial Supervision

Time with a qualified guide as you support the wellbeing of those who have been affected by a crisis or disaster


If you provide mental health or psychosocial support to people or communities in the midst of a crisis or disaster, it is common for their thoughts, feelings and behaviours to be passed on to you. If so, having a psychosocial professional to talk with can help you cope with the distress, reduce the risk of vicarious trauma, and grow.

The role of a Psychosocial Supervisor is to help an individual process their emotions or challenges drawing from their own knowledge and experience in the field. Because they have experience in psychosocial work, they are able to offer guidance and mentorship without interfering with the program or casework.


✅ Recognise and process your feelings effectively

Develop ways to manage stress and challenges

Receive guidance on best practices and ethical considerations in your work

Foster an environment for problem-solving through exchanging experiences and insights 


📍Venue: Online or in person

Duration: 60 minutes

👥 Perfect for: Individuals or groups working in mental health or psychosocial support programmes, human rights workers and those exposed to direct or vicarious trauma

💬 We say: “Psychosocial Supervision is not about taking over but having someone experienced who will understand, sympathise and help.”


📖 A self-care guide for people who are frequently exposed to the trauma of others


Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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