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Travel Health News

Monthly travel health news about disease outbreaks around the world, from our Lead Nurse JO THOMPSON.

Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe

  • Zimbabwe has declared a state of emergency in the capital Harare over a Cholera outbreak.
  • As of 16 October, there were 5,030 suspected Cholera cases, 31 laboratory confirmed deaths, 108 suspected Cholera deaths and 932 laboratory confirmed cases. 
  • This Cholera outbreak has been fuelled by chronic water shortages. 
  • Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal infection caused by ingestion of faecally contaminated food or water. 
  • Travellers should maintain safe food and water precautions and use effective hand hygiene.
  • There is a vaccination against Cholera that is based on a risk assessment, for humanitarian workers and medical personnel travelling to disaster relief situations where Cholera outbreaks are likely.
  • More information on Cholera here

Zika Virus in India

  • Zika Virus has been reported in three Indian states – Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka.
  • The Zika Virus infection is spread from daytime-biting mosquitoes. 
  • All travellers to countries that have reported Zika Virus infection must consider using strict mosquito bite avoidance measures, especially pregnant travellers and those planning pregnancy.  
  • Zika Virus can cause Congenital Zika Syndrome, with severe consequences for the baby, if the mother is bitten by a mosquito when pregnant. 
  • More information on Zika Virus here.

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