When people feel safe to speak up at work it’s a win for organisations and employees

Consulting, training and coaching to increase psychological safety at work

Teams don’t always work together the way you want them to

According to the World Health Organisation, depression and anxiety cost the world’s economy an estimated $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. When employees feel safe to speak up at work, it’s a win for both employees and organisations.

  • Are employees worried that if they mistake, it will be held against them?
  • Are members of this team able to bring up problems and tough issues?
  • Do people sometimes struggle to ask for help?
  • Do people feel safe to take a risk?
  • Do people feel their unique skills and talents are valued?
Creating Psychological safety

Within challenging environments where teams rely on each other, emotions like trust, curiosity, confidence, and inspiration are needed. These help us broaden the mind and build resilience, motivation to innovate and feel safe.

Is it time for a change? We can help.

Your organisation will thrive when your staff feel confident to speak up

Organisational behavioural scientist, Amy Edmondson, defined psychological safety as “a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. It describes a team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves.”

When people feel safe to speak up, ask questions, raise concerns or take risks, innovation prospers and organisations thrive.

With psychological safety, you are 4 times more likely to retain top talent

Psychological safety is the no. 1 factor in high performing teams*

Brene Brown

Our courses are designed to help you

When your team is focussed on helping to make the world a better place, it’s vital to start with making the workplace a safe space to communicate freely, collaborate and share. And, as the challenges within every organisation are unique, all our courses are bespoke to your organisational needs. 

Intro To Psychological Safety

Session type: Webinar

Overview: Learn how to make the workplace a safe space to speak up, tackle difficult issues and be a joy to work in.

Course content:

  • Understand the importance of psychological safety for staff
  • Identify the elements needed to feel psychological safety at work
  • Develop techniques to develop a joyful workplace
  • Learn to experience freedom at work

Courageous Conversations

Session type: Training

Overview: Learn the skills to build trust in teams and a culture where people love to work.

Course content:

  • Learn to develop clear intentions for your conversation
  • Understand how to create safety in communication 
  • Hands-on guided practice in holding a safe conversation

Becoming A Leader Who Is Safe To Follow

Session type: Training

Overview: Being a leader doesn’t mean people will want to follow you. But learn to create a safe space and you.

Course content:

  • We will explore a framework that;
  • Presents belonging as a concept
  • Prioritises individual and team growth
  • Practices collaboration

Workspaces become a joy to work in, team members feel valued and respected when they feel safe to share
their voice at work

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