Meet the team

Karen Abbs

Chief Thriving Officer

Karen has had the privilege of working internationally for almost 20 years in the Middle East, Central and Eastern Africa, and South East Asia for the United Nations and humanitarian and development organisations. Her current work focuses on co-creating staff care frameworks and facilitating thriving workshops for international organisations, with the goal of developing systems that truly support organisations, teams and individuals to thrive.

She has a Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. She brings to her work a passion for understanding cultural contexts of wellbeing, and understanding the unique needs of individuals while seeing the holistic system that they are a part of.

Karen’s clinical expertise includes trauma, gender based violence, stress and resilience and critical incident response and she has developed both mental health and psychosocial programmes and staff wellbeing frameworks globally.

Outside of work, Karen enjoys exploring the world with her family, having adventures, and learning about new and wonderful places around the world. Karen finds restoration in yoga, reading and time with friends.

Karen is based in South East Asia