Nicolette Price

Meet the team

Dr. Nicolette Price

Occupational Health Physician

Nicolette studied Medicine at King’s college London (1993) and then moved to Manchester to undertake 3 years GP training. She then moved to Hampshire and worked as a GP until 2004. Whilst working in the field of Disability assessment she became interested in Occupational Medicine and gained experience and qualifications whilst working in a training post at St Thomas’s Hospital in London, where she worked from 2012-2014.

In 2014 she moved to Scotland with her family where she continued to work in the field of Occupational Medicine. In addition to her work for thrive Nicolette also works part time for a small OH provider in Glasgow, where she performs fitness for work and visa medicals. In her spare time Nicolette enjoys being outdoors whenever possible, where she pursues her hobbies of walking, horse riding and gardening.

Nicolette is based in Scotland, UK.