COVID-19 Travel Clearance For UK Residents

If you live in the UK and need to prove you don’t have COVID-19 before travelling to another country, then our ‘COVID-19 Travel Clearance’ service is for you. Here’s our Medical Director MATT EDWARDS explaining how it works.

What happens in a COVID-19 Travel Clearance? I’m glad you asked! We’ll discuss COVID-19 and your experience of the pandemic. We’ll review clinically relevant information that may have a bearing on your physically and emotional response to the infection, if you were to get it. We’ll complete a ‘COVID-age’ risk assessment to work out the likelihood of severe illness if you were to contract the infection. We’ll refer you for a test, and explain the testing procedure and practicalities. Then, once the test results come back, we’ll email you the results on an official lab-headed PDF document. We can also email you a Thrive Clearance Certificate, if needed by your organisation prior to travel. 

Tell me more about the risk assessment. It’s an overview of your individual risk of severe illness if you were to catch COVID-19. It includes various aspects specific to you and your plans. It’s essential to discuss your personal risk and have this assessed so you and your organisation can make informed decisions on travel and work. Your role, destination, medical and psychological history all play a part in your personal risk and need to be considered.

How does the test work? It’s called a “PCR swab test”, and it looks for the presence of genetic material from the COVID-19 virus picked up on a swab of the throat and nose. To get the test, firstly we will send you a request form. There are then two options. Either we can email you a form to take to a lab in London to collect a swab kit. You then follow the instructions to “self swab” and return the form and kit to the lab. Alternatively, we can contact the lab who will post you the kit, which you then post back in the Royal Mail 24 hr postal pack provided.

Can I have a COVID-19 test without the consultation? No, we recommend you have the consultation so we can explain the process and so we can review and discuss your individual risk. However, if you’ve seen us recently and had this reviewed already, then it may be okay just to book the test.

If I have a pre-assignment or mid-assignment medical with you, will a COVID-19 test be included in this? Not routinely, no, but it could be if it’s necessary for upcoming travel.

How can I book a COVID-19 Travel Clearance? Email us! We’ll reply promptly.

How long does it take to get the results? It typically takes up to 48 hours, but often comes back sooner, but make sure you allow enough time before you plan to travel!

What happens if I test positive? We’llget in touch and advise you on what to do next.

What should I do if I have symptoms? If you have symptoms or you’re concerned you may have COVID-19 and want to be tested then don’t come to us – go straight to the website page here and refer yourself for a test. 

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