When your staff work in tough places, their success depends on having the right support

Medical and psychological support for people travelling and working in complex environments

Anxiety & stress can impact Even the most experienced Humanitarian Or aid workers

  • Are you sending the right people out?
  • Will they feel safe and cared for while they’re away?
  • Will their passion still be around once they’re back?

Humanitarian and aid work can be filled with uncertainty and stress. Even before they travel to their assignment, staff can experience anxiety. In one survey, almost four out of five workers said they had experienced mental health issues as a result of their work.

However, if you prepare your staff before they travel, support them during their work, and care for them even after they come back, then you can do more than just fulfill your duty of care – you take a big step towards making your team and your mission thrive.

And that’s where we come in.

travel health

We can help your team thrive even in the most challenging of circumstances

79% of aid workers self-report experiencing mental health issues

In some cases, half of aid workers do not know how to find good resources on stress and trauma support

With humanitarian crises rising, relief workers are .. increasingly exposed to trauma

We can give your team expert support before, during and after their assignment

It is so important to make sure that your team is mentally and physically prepared for their work; monitored and supported while they are away; and given the right care on their return. Our services include:

  1. Psychological Assessments to explore a person’s health during recruitment or prior to deployment. From this we will produce a report that outlines topics discussed, identifies risks and recommends mitigations.
  2. Travel Health Consultations so that you can be better prepared for when you travel.
  3. Remote Medical Support to anyone in the world through our Telemedicine Service.
  4. A comprehensive medical health check for your team members Pre / Mid or End Assignment or as a general wellbeing health check.
  5. Counselling sessions and a mid or post assignment psychological debrief.

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