When just a few of your team are trained in peer support, it can boost wellbeing in your whole organisation

Tailored peer support training for your staff

If signs of stress go unnoticed, even a small problem can quickly escalate

  • Do some of your staff-care interventions feel like ‘too little, too late’?
  • Do sick days cost your organisation money?
  • Have there been times when you wished you’d heard about a staff care issue sooner?

We all know that prevention is better than cure. And this is certainly true for staff care. In fact, one study showed that an organisation can save £5 for every £1 it spends on preventative psychosocial wellbeing. Spotting problems early, and doing the right things in response, can help solve problems before they grow, and build a healthier workplace culture in the process.

A good peer support programme is a great way to help your team do this.

Workplace relationships can be a cause of strife and make existing problems worse. Or they can boost morale and help staff meet challenges. A peer support programme can help make that difference.

If you want to explore what peer support might look like in your organisation, get in touch

When the right team members are equipped with the right skills, the wellbeing of your whole team can Grow

An organisation can save £4 for every £1 it spends on mental health and wellbeing

Work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for over 50% of working days lost

A UNHCR study found that its staff valued peer support more than any other staff care intervention

We Will tailor Our Training to your needs

When you work in a tough and complex situation, having a good colleague can make a world of difference. One who understands the challenges you face. Who listens with empathy. And who knows the best ways to support you. Sign up for peer support training and we will:

  • Create a plan tailored to your team’s needs and context
  • Help you identify which staff members would make for good peer supporters
  • Train them to recognise when a colleague is facing a wellbeing issue
  • Teach them ways to offer practical help, and to signpost to further support when needed

A good peer supporter can be a lifeline to their colleagues. And a good peer support scheme can boost the wellbeing of your whole team.

“Our staff operate in some of the most isolated places in the world and we want to ensure they have the best medical and psychological support. Thrive provides exactly what we need. Whether before, during or after assignment, we have total confidence in the support and guidance that they give us.”

Rachel Phipps, Mission Aviation Fellowship

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