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Leaders inspire organisational success

The wellbeing of your workforce and organisation is directly related to the actions and behaviours of leadership. 

Leaders have a responsibility to look after themselves, their employees, and the future of their organisation. In good times, that’s a lot to think about. But in periods of change or challenge, it can feel overwhelming. When leaders are supported to develop resilience, clarity and confidence, organisations can thrive no matter the situation. 

We’re here to support your leaders to define success.

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Your Leadership Matters

To look after the wellbeing of your people and your organisation, leaders need to make good decisions and role model the best behaviours.

Clear direction, authenticity, and collaboration are all achieved when leaders’ hearts and heads are aligned. 

At Thrive we have a team dedicated to supporting leaders to develop the clarity, skills and confidence they need to make better decisions. This is how inspiring cultures are born. 

“True leadership happens when hearts and minds are aligned. Such alignment enables individual, team and organisational success.”

Ann Muraya, Thrive


Wherever you are in the world, we offer a range of support to help your leaders make the right choices and flourish. 

Assessing The Health Of Your Organisation

Diagnose the problem in order to find a solution

  • Organisational culture audits
  • Wellbeing surveys

Developing Inspiring Leadership

One-to-one, group coaching or modular training

  • Preparing people to lead
  • Supporting leaders to prioritise personal well-being
  • Learn to be intentional with leadership

Managing Change Well 

Courses, group or one-to-one training

  • Leadership in times of change and transition
  • Safeguarding for leaders
  • Managing safeguarding disclosures
  • Helping staff to finish well in times of redundancy

Creating Safe Workplaces

A range of online & face-to-face instructor led courses

  • Introduction To Safeguarding
  • Safeguarding For Leaders
  • Managing safeguarding disclosures

“We knew it was important to support our staff well through this pandemic, and Thrive’s psychosocial support came highly recommended. Through our team sessions with them, we were able to stop and reflect on our feelings. We learned valuable resilience skills. And we gained confidence to navigate through these uncertain times.”

Beatrice Ogutu, ICS Africa

Your Three Steps To Thriving


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Every person, every purpose and every organisation is different. So, we’ll put you at the heart of our thinking, tailoring a support package to suit your unique situation.



Make a positive impact on your teams, your organisation and the purpose you serve. When your team thrives, your organisation can focus on your purpose.

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