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Written Travel Health Advice

Tailored advice via email from a specialist Travel Health Nurse for you or your team


If you or someone in your team has a travel health concern, and would like some advice, then email correspondence with one of our specialist travel health nurses can help turn that doubt into confidence.

It can cover the travel itinerary, health history, and travel concerns, and help address any niggling questions. Whether it is vaccination concerns, travelling while pregnant, Malaria prevention, or something else, you’ll receive tailored advice to make sure you or your team can travel with peace of mind.


✅ Simple guidance to help you stay healthy

✅ A clear plan for what to do next

✅ Free resources and further reading


👥 Perfect for: when you have a query about vaccines, Malaria prevention or any other travel health issue on your mind

💬 We say: “Falling ill while travelling is very very common, and often for preventable reasons”


📖 Up to date news on disease outbreaks around the world

📖 Browse our travel resources

📖 Common travel illnesses and how to avoid them

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