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Wellbeing Coaching

Dedicated support for an individual to focus on developing their wellbeing


Wellbeing is the state of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health. When it drops down someone’s list of priorities, their quality of life is at risk.

Neglecting wellbeing can strain relationships, reduce resilience, increase stress, and ultimately lead to burnout. But having a trusted Coach accompany a person on their wellbeing journey can help redress this imbalance. Through confidential one-on-one sessions, a Coach will ask probing questions, listen well, and help a person set goals to improve their holistic health and relationships. 


✅ Evaluate your current state of wellbeing

Identify obstacles and opportunities

Set new goals

Take steps towards these goals


📍 Venue: In-person or Online

⏰ Duration: A session lasts 60 minutes – we suggest you start with 3 sessions

👥 Perfect for: anyone who wants to take stock of their wellbeing and feels the need to recalibrate given the range of pressures currently experienced

💬 We say: “I enjoy giving people time and space to explore things that they otherwise wouldn’t.” – Alison Coulter, Coach

💡 Did you know… Coaching can improve relationships, communication skills, work performance and wellbeing.


📖 Coaching or Counselling? Making an Informed Choice

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