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Vicarious Trauma Awareness & Resilience

Help your team understand how contact with the suffering of others can impact them, and what they can do about it.


If you immerse yourself in the suffering and trauma of others at work, it is common to suffer emotional consequences. When these symptoms become severe and debilitating, we call it vicarious trauma.

Working in a refugee camp. Counselling others. Reviewing graphic material on social media. It can be an occupational hazard in many jobs. If you or your organisation lacks awareness of how vicarious trauma works, it can lead to burnout, cynicism and depression.

This training session will help staff understand how to manage and reduce the risk of vicarious trauma, and learn to take practical steps to develop their resilience.


✅ Define vicarious trauma

Identify its signs and symptoms

Develop strategies for preventing and managing it

Discover ways to build personal and collective resilience


📍 Venue: In-person or online

⏰ Duration: 1 full day in-person / 2 half days online

🎓 Learning Style: presentations & group discussion

👥 Perfect for: Anyone who regularly works with people who have experienced suffering and trauma

💬 We say: “Recognising the potential impact of trauma is the starting point for defending yourself against it – and it creates the possibility for growing through trauma too.” 


📖 Our resource on vicarious trauma




“What Thrive offers is the opportunity to reflect and understand what you’ve gone through, and a pathway to go through a healing process.” – Dawn, Country Director, ZOA

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