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Thriving In The Midst Of Change

Support for staff as they respond to change


Change is inevitable in every organisation. How you deal with it can have a profound effect on your team.

Whether it’s organisational restructuring or personal change, change can be exciting. But it can also be worrying and hard. a time of grief, loss, uncertainty and fear. It can be a time that also provokes mental ill health or a trigger for those with anxiety and depression.

This workshop is to facilitate support for staff in thinking through their own personal emotions and responses to change, what is in their control and to determine how they want to show up.


✅ Become aware of feelings experienced during transition and change

✅ Recognise that thriving is possible in the midst of the complexity faced

✅ Recognise burnout symptoms and principles of general adaptation syndrome

✅ Become creative and resourceful in how to resolve an uncharted future

✅ Determine choices needed to boost resilience

✅ Explore what gives life meaning and purpose


“I really enjoyed this session. It was appropriately balanced between therapeutic thought and activity, and the facilitators felt well informed and well prepared. I appreciate that they did not speak in platitudes or speak down to us”. – Anonymous

Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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