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Thriving In The Midst Of Change

Support for your staff to help them respond in the best possible way to a period of change


Change is inevitable in every workplace. It can often be exciting, especially during a time of growth. But it can also create fear and anxiety, especially during a time of redundancy, restructuring or loss.

How you deal with it can have a profound effect on your team. In this workshop we will facilitate a time of learning and discussion to support members of a team as they think through their own personal emotions and responses to change: what’s in their control, and what they want to do next.


✅ Understand common feelings during a time of change

Recognise that thriving is possible during adversity

Learn to spot symptoms of burnout

Become creative and resourceful in how to resolve an uncharted future

Determine choices needed to boost resilience


⏰ Duration: TBC

📍 Venue: online or in person

👥 Perfect for: any team that is seeking to navigate a time of change

💬 We say:“When people come together during a time of change, and share their feelings, it’s as if a weight is lifted.”


📖 How to help a workforce become more resilient to change


“I really enjoyed this session. It was appropriately balanced between therapeutic thought and activity, and the facilitators felt well informed and well prepared. I appreciate that they did not speak in platitudes or speak down to us”. – Anonymous

Organisations have more impact when their people thrive

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