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Thriving In Highly Stressful Environments

Develop an individual or team’s resilience skills when working in a dangerous place


Living and working in places with high levels of conflict, violence or uncertainty brings with it unique complexities.

In this session we will focus on ways to safeguard your wellbeing when in these environments. From creating healthy limits, to the importance of rest, and how to work with traumatising material.


✅ Understand common responses to stress and trauma

✅ Develop coping strategies like self-compassion and self-care

✅ Develop skills and tools to support resilience and reduce risk of secondary trauma

✅ Create a personal thriving action plan


📍 Location: in-person or online

🎓 Learning style: presentations, discussion, roleplay

👥 Suitable for: any individual or team who has to work in a dangerous place

💬 We say: “In teams where relationships are poor, employees will be less motivated to engage with risk.”


📖 How to keep your work culture healthy in a high risk environment


“Thank you! I really enjoyed how engaging and honest this session was. I loved how engaged and encouraging the facilitators were and how they acknowledged ‘big picture’ stress as well as little things”.  – Anonymous

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