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Telemedicine Consultation

Speak with a trusted Doctor, wherever you are in the world


If you find yourself in a place that’s a long way from good medical support, and you have a health issue that’s concerning you, what will you do?

Telemedicine is a medical consultation with a Doctor that takes place using any technology that works in the place you are e.g. Zoom, email, telephone, WhatsApp or Skype. It’s an opportunity to share a concern, review a medical issue, or get a second opinion. It can’t replace all that a face-to-face appointment offers, but we can help make a diagnosis, suggest treatment, prescribe medication, give an opinion or refer for further support.


Duration: 20 mins (standard) or 40 mins (extended)

👥 Perfect for: anyone with a medical query who cannot access good medical support where they are

⛔️ Not Suitable for: anyone who needs emergency treatment

💬 We say: “This service can also be good if you’ve been given medical advice that you’re not sure about – we can provide a second opinion”.


📖 Telemedicine: an introduction


Standard (Up To 20 Minutes): A consultation with a doctor by phone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or multiple emails, for those who have specific medical questions or concerns.

Extended (Up To 40 Minutes): An extended version of the consultation above, for more complicated or multiple issues. If the consultation is longer than 40 minutes, then it will be charged at 15 minute intervals.

Written Medical Advice: Typically email advice from a doctor. This is suitable for specific, easy to resolve concerns and advice that involves 1-3 relatively uncomplicated emails.

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