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Team Wellbeing Check-In

A facilitated space for a team to pause, reflect and talk about overcoming a challenge together.


Uncover new opportunities and learn practical strategies to improve wellbeing in your team.

In these check-ins, a trained facilitator will help your team to pause and reflect on how they are doing. It’s an opportunity to have honest and fruitful conversations, and to make choices on how to move forward together, past obstacles and towards your goals.


“These check-ins have been like a breath of fresh air. By taking time as a team to stop, connect and reflect, I’ve seen more openness and compassion in our organisation. It’s reduced isolation, people feel more invested in, and they are more eager to talk with each other. We’ve achieved more in one session than we could have in two months of surveying staff. It makes my job a lot easier!”Grace Adelakun, Head of People & Culture, The Web Foundation

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