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Resilience Questionnaire & Consultation

Coping strategies and resilience advice from a psychological practitioner


A discussion with a psychological practitioner to discuss personal coping strategies and receive advice on how to cultivate personal resilience.

This is particularly valuable for those between multiple deployments, going to low risk environments, or to short-term deployments for the first time. Prior to the consultation the individual completes a detailed and self-reflective psychological wellbeing questionnaire which is reviewed by the psychological practitioner with the individual. The sending organisation receives recommendations on how to enhance wellbeing and mitigate any safety critical issues identified during the process.


With Report: After the session (Up to 60 minutes), a report is generated and sent to the organisation

Without report: The consultation is 45 minutes and there is no report to the organisation.


“Our staff travel to vulnerable communities worldwide, and Thrive’s Resilience Questionnaires are an important early step in this process. The reviews help our team develop coping mechanisms, build resilience, and prepare for the challenges they might face. All this means they can do what they do to the best of their abilities.” Joan Coyle, Global HR Director, Relief International

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