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Remote Medical Clearance

Ensure your staff are medically fit to travel or undertake a new role, even if they can’t see a travel health doctor in person


When you send staff to work in a place where good medical support is hard to find, it’s natural to worry. Are they fit enough to go? What if they have a medical condition we don’t know about? Might they even need a medical evacuation?

And if the person in question can’t easily access a trusted travel health doctor before they go, how can you possibly answer these questions? If this is the situation for someone in your team, then the Remote Medical Clearance is for you. Whether you just want peace of mind that they are ‘good to go’ or whether you need a medical clearance for insurance purposes, we’ll give you one less thing to worry about.


1️⃣ The individual fills in a comprehensive online form about their health

2️⃣ They then arrange to visit a local doctor for an examination and blood and urine tests (not included in our fee)

3️⃣ Once we have received the form and doctor’s results, one of our travel health doctors will review all of this information to assess the person’s fitness to travel

4️⃣ We then either issue a certificate to confirm they are fit to travel or we explain why we can’t (in which case we will suggest what further steps can be taken to obtain the certificate).


Duration: Once we’ve received the form and information from a local doctor, it takes 3-5 working days to process. Or we offer a ‘fast track’ 48-hour option.

👥 Suitable for: Anyone that needs to undertake a big foreign trip as part of their work, but who cannot visit a trusted doctor with travel health experience.

💬 We say: “We’ve designed this service to give confidence both to the individual that they’ve had a high quality medical check up and your organisation to have confidence that their staff member is in good health for their assignment.”


📖 Working in High Stress Environments


  • For an additional fee, we can process the clearance in 48 hours
  • We also offer this service to children of all ages if they are travelling with a parent or guardian.

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“Many of our staff work in remote places where it’s hard to access good medical support, and we need to know whether they are medically fit to be there. Over the years we have trusted Thrive to help us do this. The accurate, well detailed and confidential medical reports they provide give us and our staff real peace of mind.”HR Manager, Refugee Agency

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