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Psychological First Aid Training

Equipping members of your team to give crucial support to others when a crisis hits. 


If an unexpected and overwhelming event were to happen in your team, what kind of support would there be for those who need it most?

Trauma’s impact upon a person, workplace and organisation can be wide-ranging and long-lasting. When it disrupts lives within a team, it can have a knock-on impact on work culture and organisational goals. But if, in the aftermath of a crisis, meaningful emotional support is given to those who need it most, the short and long term impact of the distress can be reduced significantly.

In this course, we will equip members of your team to provide exactly this support.

They’ll learn to spot signs of trauma, to respond proactively in a crisis, to give humane support to a fellow human being who is suffering, to aid a person’s recovery, to signpost further support, and to prioritise their own self care. In the process, they’ll become a ‘Psychological First Aider’.

The course is interactive, accessible, engaging, and will give you piece of mind that in the event of a crisis, timely and effective care will be offered to those who need it.


✅ Learn to spot the symptoms of trauma and post traumatic stress

✅ Feel able to provide Psychological First Aid

✅ Turn theory and knowledge into best practice in your organisation

✅ Explore ways of taking care of yourself as you respond to traumatic situations


Time: 3 half days

📍 Venue: online

🎓 Learning style: presentations, discussion, roleplay

👥 Suitable for: individuals or groups

💬 We say: “This is really about helping people see they are naturally empathic & compassionate.”

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📖 How to talk about wellbeing at work


“A must have training for all those working for and in humanitarian projects.” — Jerusha, Response-Med Kenya

​​“We provide humanitarian support, which can involve working with people who have been traumatised. When we started to look for experts who could train some of our team in Psychological First Aid, Thrive was recommended to us. In 3 sessions over 3 days, our team members gained the knowledge and skills to support traumatised groups in a meaningful way.”  Claire, Norwegian Refugee Council

“I really liked how the practical examples were mixed in with the theory.” — Past attendee

“The way the facilitator held the space with a wise clarity really impressed me.” – Past attendee

“Very appreciative, very encouraging, very experienced. I could not imagine any better!”  – Past attendee

“You did an amazing job. Thank you so much for this training.” – Past attendee

“A very interesting and valuable course, well organised and expertly delivered. I appreciated having a small group for this training as it allowed everyone to engage fully and the use of breakout rooms for the different exercises was great. I will be talking to others in our organisation about this, including with our main trauma counsellor, about how to see others trained in these skills.” — Past attendee

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